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Image by Dave Hoefler

“The practice of forest bathing, also called forest therapy, involves no bathing and isn't led by a therapist but a trained, certified guide or guides. In Japan, the practice is decades old and known as shinrin-yoku, which means ‘taking in the forest.’ Among the benefits…”

Forest Bathing, Nature Time Are Hot Health Advice

Image by niko photos

"Science has long proven this to be true: Research shows that time spent outdoors can reduce stress, improve cognition and increase sleep quality. Now, a new study has put a dollar value on the improvement in well-being due to park visits..."

Scientists say nature therapies don’t just feel good — they save trillions in health costs

Image by Vincent van Zalinge

"A growing body of empirical evidence is revealing the value of nature experience for mental health...Here, we first provide points of consensus across the natural, social, and health sciences on the impacts of nature experience on cognitive functioning, emotional well-being, and other dimensions of mental health..."

Nature and mental health: An ecosystem service perspective

Image by Latrach Med Jamil

"As a botany professor, I am as interested in the pale-green lichens slowly dissolving the words on the gravestones as in the almost-forgotten names, and the students, too, look past the stones for inky cap mushrooms in the grass or a glimpse of an urban fox. I’ve invited them on a mission to experiment with the nature of language and the language of personhood..."

Speaking of Nature

Orange Blossom

"Spending an afternoon in a forest isn't just enjoyable, it's good for your health. Taking int he forest through your senses can boost your immune system, reduce blood pressure, lower stress hormones and improve your physical and emotional state in other ways..."

A Guide to Forest Bathing (NPR's "Life Kit")

"...being able to connect to the land and beauty here in's so beautiful to watch strangers come together and leave sisters"

Chautauqua's Women's Retreat

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