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"Forest Bathing with Darlene as my guide was incredibly powerful. The experience awakened my senses and awareness of nature's gifts. Time seemed to slow down and distractions faded as Darlene led the group through a series of mindful invitations. I gained peace, clarity, and refreshment as I enjoyed the present moment. Darlene is creative, resourceful, gentle, intuitive, and welcoming. She offers great support for those who are seeking realignment with their true selves and an outdoor retreat from a busy life."


Orange Dahlia

Forest bathing with Darlene gave me the opportunity to clear my mind, ground myself in nature, and shift some heavy emotions. I reached out to Darlene during a time of peak stress and emotional exhaustion. Through her invitations and nature practice, I began a dialogue with myself that has moved me towards healing. This is a powerful practice that I will take with me into the future. Thank you Darlene - for your warmth, your generosity and your wisdom.



"Darlene is as refreshing, bright and spontaneous as the breeze she invites you to experience on her wonderful Forest Therapy walks. She has a relaxed and intuitive way of being with her guests which allows us to discover in our own way the gifts that the 'more than human' world is offering us when we slow down, open our senses and notice. We had never been on a guided Forest Therapy walk but happily drove over two hours each way to join Darlene's immersion series. After two sessions we are hooked on this simple but profound practice. We continue to enjoy the lower blood pressure, improved sleep and reduced 'worry meter' that flowed out of our walks."

P.S. & J.S.


"Darlene is a rare and precious woman. She’s unique in that she is a steady reminder to slow down, feel the earth beneath my feet, and rest and delight in simple gratitude and presence. Even more rare: she teaches by example, and not by instruction. I have been on a handful of forest bathing walks and Darlene is by far my favorite guide. The forest seems to delight in her presence! Through her gentle invitations and her deeply connected heart and spirit, it is very easy for me to dissolve into a restful, easy and sustaining relationship with the the natural world — and with all my relations. The journey is ours to take, but she is a beautiful way maker."


White WIld Flowers

"So good – I loved going forest bathing with Darlene. These guided meditations in nature are peaceful and grounding. The walks reminded me how incredible our surroundings are and how much I love our beautiful mountains. I tend to be very active when I am in nature. The forest bathing allowed me to slow down and have a rich, soul-fulfilling experience. It's been a few weeks since I went out, and it's all still resonating within me. I can’t wait to go again."



"Darlene held a safe, nurturing space in which to engage with nature and take time to ignite all the senses that make up our being. I feel fully engaged and alive! I loved every minute of this experience and feel profoundly grateful to Darlene, to the other participants, and to nature itself."


Succulent Leaves

"The experience of Forest Bathing gave me a deep sense of calm and joy. It is simple, yet profound. I love this work! I feel so open and free and joyful and peaceful! Oh My God!"



"Forest Bathing is a wonderful experience to gain perspective on our own place in the world. It really helped me remove myself from my personal bubble of worry, tasks, expectations. I feel grateful for this time to slow down and be guided by Darlene in nature."


Tree in Snow

"Darlene is an authentic guide and healer! I loved this Forest Bathing group."



"I came on this Forest Bathing experience not knowing what to expect. I didn't realize how busy my mind was until I was in the solitude of the Forest. I feel peaceful. I am happy to have some tools to carry with me as I return to my busy life."


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