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About Forest Immersions

What is a Forest Immersion?

Based on the Japanese practice, Shinrin-yoku, a Forest Immersions is a way to be in the natural world with the intention to slow down, awaken the senses and be fully present to the beauty, mystery and healing energy of nature. It is an opportunity to reconnect with the natural world, yourself and others. 

What Happens during a Forest Immersion? 

Unlike a hike, there is no destination during a Forest Immersion. We are encouraged to intentionally slow down. As your guide, I will lead the group in a series of carefully crafted sensory connecting "invitations." The invitations offer simple, natural pathways to presence. In practicing the invitations, we will slowly saunter on and off the trail, having time to be mindful, to be playful, and to be contemplative. I will hold a safe and open space for each person to be exactly where they are. We end each immersion with tea foraged from the forest and healthy snacks to share. 

Why Do I Need a Guide?

Having a guide allows one to fully relax and settle into the practice. Being  guided on a Forest Immersion supports not having to think about timing or choosing what to do next. Staying focused on the practice is sometimes much easier with a guide, similar to having a teacher for a yoga class. We are all capable of practicing Forest Immersion or yoga on our own, and that is highly encouraged, and there are many benefits to being in a group setting and sharing the practice with others.

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